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ACPHARM Queensland offers nationwide delivery of all compounding prescriptions. Hormone replacement, Skincare products, Veterinary products and much more. Our 10 years of experience and large 200 m2 custom built facility allow us to offer the highest quality TGA approved ingredients in all types of dosage forms. We are one of the largest facilities in Queensland and have the buying power to pass of our savings to the customers to keep our prices affordable.


ACPharm was established to cater for the ever growing needs of health practitioners that were prescribing compounded products. Originally beginning as OzCompounding, ACPharm have over 30 years of Combined experience and have built strong relationships with their doctors and customers.
Owned by Jack Hammond, a very well known and experienced Compounding pharmacist who has knowledge and expertise in all aspects of Compounding and Natural medicines. We have the knowledge and experience to make your medications to the highest standard.
Our dream of creating an Australia wide service for all of our customers aswell as a local collection point is now a reality as joining forces with ACPharm NSW has enabled us to grow rapidly.

Exciting News!!!!

Dear valued customer,
Oz Compounding has some exciting news! We would like to announce our partnership with Australia’s largest Compounding pharmacy, Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals
(ACPHARM). After many years of a great friendship with ACPHARM, we have officially partnered and Oz Compounding will now be known as ACPHARM Gold Coast.
ACPHARM Gold Coast will still have the same happy faces to serve you and will remain in the same location – 1/24 Surfers ave, Mermaid Waters, OLD 4218. Majority owner, Jack Hammond & his team will remain on-site to take your calls and provide the same high quality, personalised service and counselling that you have come to know.
The benefits
This partnership will give us access to a huge range of new products and formulations that were previously not available to our valued customers. We will have the facilities
to develop and test our own formulas, ensuring quality products for you. We will be partnering with the knowledge of many highly skilled compounding pharmacists with years of experience. Together with our original team and the new facilities to which we have access, ACPHARM Queensland will be one of the finest compounding facilities on the Coast.
Over the coming weeks, you may notice some subtle changes occurring to our branding as we phase out Oz Compounding and bring in ACPHARM Gold Coast. We appreciate your patience during this time and welcome any feedback.
If you have any questions about our new partnership or if there is anything we can do to help, feel free to contact the team on 1300 696 337 or at goldcoast@acpharm.com.au. We look forward to serving you from ACPHARM Gold Coast.

Excipients In Supplements


Here’s a Quick Reference Guide for over 40 Additives

Acesulfame potassium (K): artificial sweetener.

Aspartame: artificial sweetener.

Beeswax: derived from honeycomb and then sterilized. Used for flavoring and to coat tablets. Considered safe but should be avoided by anyone who has bee allergies

Benzyl alcohol: an antimicrobial preservative. On the FDA’s inactive ingredient list. Adverse reactions to benzyl alcohol in medications have been noted.

Calcium disodium EDTA: used as a preservative and safe when used as such. Can cause side effects when used in extremely high amounts (>3 grams daily)

Calcium hydroxide: obtained from limestone. GRAS. High amounts can shift acid-base balance, but is unlikely from supplement use.

Calcium sulfate: guards against excess moisture, used as a filler in capsules. GRAS

Cellulose microcrystalline: derived from a plant source, typically high-quality wood pulp. Used as a binder and to help tablets disintegrate. GRAS

Cellulose, powdered: derived from a plant source. Used as a stabilizer, thickener, and binder. GRAS

20: plant source. Used to coat tablets. GRAS

Ethylcellulose: plant source. Used as a stabilizer, to mask taste. GRAS

FD&C Yellow No 5 & 6: although acceptable to the FDA, the Centers for Science in the Public Interest lists these food colorings as “best to

Buy the download for only $10 USD and we will email you a PDF copy for you to keep.

This is a full document compiled by a compounding chemist with many years experience so please do not copy and give to anyone. Many thanks,

Jack Hammond

Compounding Pharmacist