Welcome to ACPharm – Gold Coast

ACPharm was established to cater for the ever growing needs of health practitioners that were prescribing compounded products. Originally beginning as OzCompounding, ACPharm have over 50 years of combined experience and have built strong relationships with their doctors and customers. Our Gold Coast location is a 400m2 facility specifically designed for Compounding only. You don’t need to be on the Gold Coast to access our services as we post all over Australia.

Our pharmacy is owned and operated by well-known and experienced compounding Pharmacist, Jack Hammond & his wife Samantha. Together they have built an experienced, knowledgeable and amazing team with combined experience of over 50 years.

Sam and Jack - Owners of ACPHARM QLD

Meet the Team

Jack Hammond
Owner / Compounding Pharmacist

Jack has been compounding for over 15 years and has a lot of experience in all aspects of compounding. Jack is the Head pharmacist and owner of ACPHARM.

Jack loves working with both humans and animals.He has completed various veterinary, cosmetic, nutritional and pharmaceutical training courses to further his knowledge in compounding.

Jack is a highly sought after compounding chemist and has designed and set up more than 5 compounding chemists as well as being a guest speaker at compounding conferences around Australia.

With experience in manufacturing, cosmetics, veterinary, nutrients, children’s and geriatric compounding, Jack is able to help with all Compounding inquiries.

Samantha Hammond
Owner /Manager

Sam, co-owner and Jack’s better half, has a burning passion for compounding which started when she first helped out making capsules in the lab over 15 years ago. Over the years, Sam has obtained a lot of skills and experience working over all departments, and is now our General Manager.

As the owner, Sam takes a keen interest in customer service and ensuring our staff are all trained up to provide the highest level of service possible. Sam also manages our Private Label Skincare department, with her prior experience as a beauty therapist.

Laboratory Manager

Shanae has been working in compounding for over 8 years and enjoys every aspect of the job.
Shanae started off working in our office and after a couple years moved into our labs. After hands on training and completing her training certificate at Medisca, Shanae is loving all of the challenges that comes with Managing our busy lab department. Over the years, with her knowledge, experience and training, Shanae has earned her title of Laboratory Manager. She is very efficient and ensures that all of your medication is made perfectly every single time.

Office Manager

Phoebe has been working with ACPHARM qld for 5 years and has worked her way up the ranks to become our Office Manager.

Phoebe has outstanding customer service skills, and is a great multi tasker with the ability to perform every task within our busy office. Phoebes hard work managing the office staff means that all of our staff can provide only the best possible customer service.

Phoebe strives to ensure our customers are always well looked after and no request is ever too much to ask.

Compounding Pharmacy Assistant- All rounder

Mel has been working in compounding for 5 years and in Pharmacy for 12 years.

Mel first started in the office as our head dispense technician, she has recently broadened her skill set and is learning how things work in our main hormone laboratory. Mel has the experience and knowledge to perform all tasks here at ACPHARM which is very helpful in our busy environment.

Mel has excellent attention to detail and ensure all of your compounding orders are dispensed and handled correctly every time.

Compounding Pharmacist

Jacqueline completed her Masters of Pharmacy in 2016 , Advanced graduate diploma of Pharmacy in 2017 and the Science of pharmaceutical/Hormonal compounding training in 2018.

Jacqueline works as our full time compounding pharmacist, alongside Jack. Jacqueline is enjoying the compounding side of pharmacy and very excited to further her knowledge and develop new products.  She thoroughly enjoys ensuring our customers are taking the best and most appropriate preparation suited to them.


Customer Service

Raechel has been working in compounding pharmacy for over 10 years.

Recently stepping up from the postage and dispatch position, Raechel is now the head of our customer service team.  Having worked in compounding for such a long time, she displays a large knowledge in all departments as assists with quoting prescriptions and managing customer orders.

Raechel prides herself on ensuring the best customer service for her customers and going the extra mile.

Cosmetic Lab Technician

Mia has been working in pharmacy for approx. 4 years after completing a 4 year pharmaceutical training course is Slovenia. Mia also completed a university degree as a cosmetic technician/beauty therapist.

Mia is our Senior Cosmetic Laboratory technician and is enjoying applying her knowledge in skincare. Mia is frequently assisting in the manufacture and formulation of skincare products, as well as dealing with label design/application, packaging & completing large skincare orders.

Mia assists with the training of our cosmetic laboratory staff and looks over all cosmetic orders to ensure accuracy.

Anadyn (Dee)
Senior Lab Technician

.Dee has over 7 years’ experience working in Compounding Pharmacy and has completed her official compounding training at MEDISCA, Australia.

Dee has amazing attention to detail and shares a lot of knowledge in compounding techniques. Dee’s bright happy smile and laugh is sure to keep all of the staff at ACPHARM cheery all day long.

Vitamin Lab Technician

Sonia is new to the world of Pharmacy, however she has a keen interest in science as she has completed a Degree in biology and biochemistry also her masters in microbiology in Spain.

Sonia started working in our busy Private Label Skincare department and has now moved into the Vitamin Compounding area. Sonia enjoys weighing out and encapsulating vitamins for all of our customers and clinics.

Sonias attention to detail ensures an accurate and complete product for each and every order.

Vitamin Lab Technician

Trevor specialises in vitamin and supplement compounding.

Trevor is new to the world of Pharmacy and has been assisting with nutritional compounding for almost 5 years.

Trevor is known as the ‘vitamin king’ in our store due to how quickly he can make the customised vitamin capsules for our patients.

Cosmetic Lab Technician

Lauren is new to the world of Pharmacy, and is our Private Label Skincare Junior.

Lauren is determined, hard working and eager to learn new things. We look forward to showing Lauren everything there is to know in the world of compounding, but for now, she is busy making, packaging & labelling hundreds of cosmetic creams each day for our skincare clinics.


Office Assistant/Customer Service

Taylah is new to pharmacy and comes from the world of retail.

Taylah is our office junior and is busy learning all about compounding pharmacy. Taylah processes the postage orders each day, assists with all tasks in the busy office and is currently training in customer service.

Taylahs experience in the retail industry has provided her with a polite manner and excellent customer service skills, she has also proven herself to be extremely organised. You can count on Taylah to ensure your orders are checked and packed securely for shipping.

Laboratory technican

Jessica has worked in Pharmacy for over 9 years, and completed her Bachelor or Pharmacy in Brazil in 2014, She has since been working in various positions within compounding pharmacies in Brazil & Australia which has provided her with a wealth of knowledge.

Working from within our very busy hormone laboratory, Jess brings a lot of experience and knowledge to our team. Jess has excellent attention to detail and will ensure all of your orders are made to the highest quality possible.

Compounding dispense technician

Barbara has been working in pharmacy for over 12 years and completed her Bachelor of Pharmacy in 2010 and her Masters of Pharmacy in 2013 in Brazil.

With Barbaras experience as a pharmacist in Brazil, she makes for a very accurate dispense tech within our busy compounding office. Barbara also has 5 years experience working within a compounding pharmacy so comes with a lot of background knowledge in compounding from around the world.  Barbara looks forward to learning about all other departments in our busy pharmacy.

Barbaras experience allows her to dispense all of your compounding orders with confidence and efficiency.